Cleaning the house


Yesterday was a very tough day. I had to clean the whole house. The day before yesterday, one of my cousins had called and said she was going to come over and stay with me for two weeks. She is a very organized person, and cannot stand any mess or disorder. So, I spent my only free time to clean the whole house and fix the problems around the house to not give her any excuse to argue with me!

I started from the attic room. I dusted it all. Then I went to basement to tidy it and take away all the junks. After that, I vacuumed the living room and put away all my staff. Then I mop the kitchen. I also fixed the pipe which was leaking, and changed the light bulb which had burned out. At the end of the day, everywhere was freshened up. I was exhausted, but satisfied with the result of my hard work.


Clean  تمیز کردن

Mess  شلوغی و آشفتگی

Disorder  بی نظمی

Attic room  اتاق زیر شیروانی

Dust  گردگیری کردن

Basement  زیر زمین

Tidy  مرتب کردن

Take away  بیرون بردن

Junks  چیزهای کهنه و بی ارزش

Vacuum  جارو کردن با جارو برقی

Put away  چیزی را سر جایش گذاشتن

Mop  طی کشیدن

Fix  تعمیر کردن

Pipe  لوله

Leak  چکه کردن

Light bulb  لامپ

Burned out  سوخته

Freshen up  برق انداختن


1. What is she doing?


2. What is he doing?


3. What do you see in the picture?


4. What is he doing?


پاسخ تمرین ها

1. She is vacuuming the floor.

2. She is dusting the window.

3. There is a light bulb in the picture.

4.He is mopping the floor.


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