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Siyavash – Part 3


  Then Siyavash stayed in the courts of his father. After eight years, when Kay Kavus had found him worthy, he gave unto him a throne and a crown. And all was well, and men had forgotten the evil message of the stars. But that message is written in the heavens, and it is surely accomplished. And the day of ill fortune was near…
  One day Sudabeh saw Siyavash. She immediately beheld the youth of Siyavash, and her eyes were filled with his beauty, and her soul burned after him. So, she sent him a messenger, and invited him to enter the house of the women. But Siyavash sent in answer words of excuse ,since  he didn’t trust her. Then Sudabeh went to visit kay kavus. She made complaint that Siyavash hadn’t accepted her request. And she bade the Shah send him behind the curtains of the women’s house, that his son might become acquainted with his sisters. And Kay Kavus did what Sudabeh asked him, and Siyavash obeyed his commands.
 Ref: enel.ucalgary.ca


Court    بارگاه
Worthy   شایسته و سزاوار
Throne   تخت پادشاهی
Crown   تاج
Evil   شوم
Accomplish   به انجام رساندن
Behold (beheld)   مشاهده کردن
Soul   روح
Invite   دعوت کردن
Excuse   عذر و بهانه
Trust   اعتماد کردن
Complaint   شکایت
Accept   پذیرفتن
Request   درخواست
Bid (bade)   امر کردن
Acquaint   آشنا کردن
Obey   اطاعت کردن
Command   فرمان


داستان شاهنامه به انگلیسی (سیاوش -3)
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