Pinocchio – Part 1

Pinocchio – Part 1

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Geppetto was a carpenter who made wooden toys for the children of his village. One day, he made a wooden puppet. As soon as he had finished, the puppet came alive and began to dance and sing. “Why, you are alive!” he said. “I said. I shall call you Pinocchio. You shall be the son I never had.” The next day, Geppetto said, “You must go to school.” “No, I won’t’ go!” said Pinocchio very rudely. Geppetto boxed his ears. A policeman passing by saw Geppetto boxing Pinocchio’s ears. He thought that Geppetto was going to hurt Pinocchio badly. So he marched him off to jail for the night.
When Geppetto returned home, he sent Pinocchio to school. On the way back home, Pinocchio wandered here and there. He stopped to see a puppet show. He began dancing with the puppets. The puppet master gave Pinocchio five gold coins and said, “Give these to your father.” Then Pinocchio met a cunning cat and a shy fox. They told him if he planted the coins under a tree, he would get many more in the morning. So Pinocchio planted the coins and went to sleep under the tree. The cat and fox tied Pinocchio to the tree, took the coins and ran away. A kind fairy, dressed in blue, set Pinocchio free. Pinocchio began making up a story to tell the Blue fairy. Then a strange thing happened. Pinocchio’s nose began to grow longer and longer. The more he spoke, the longer it grew. “Stop!” said Pinocchio. “It won’t stop. Every time you tell a lie, your nose will grow longer,” said the Blue Fairy. “Please make it stop,” said Pinocchio. “I promise not to lie again.”
Carpenter نجار
Wooden چوبی
Puppet عروسک  خیمه  شب بازی
Alive زنده
Box مشت زدن , سیلی زدن
Hurt آسیب زدن
Jail زندان
Cunningحیله گر
Fairy پری
Nose بینی
Lie دروغ
Promise قول دادن


Pinocchio – Part 1
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