Tropical Islands Resort

Tropical Islands Resort

In the northeastern portion of Germany, about thirty-six miles southeast of Berlin, a passenger train and shuttle service delivers men, women, and children to the door of one of the most voluminous structures on the planet; Tropical Islands Resort.

Tropical Islands Resort is an artificial exotic island environment which includes a rain forest, beaches, artificial sunlight, palm trees, orchids, and ambient birdsong. A large portion of the south side is is made up of transparent panels, allowing natural sunlight to help brighten the interior during the day. The internal temperature is always kept at a comfortable 77-82 degrees Fahrenheit with 50-60% air humidity year-round, regardless of the weather outdoors.

The dome can host up to 7,000 visitors at once, and it has a staff of about 500. The resort offers restaurants, shopping, tanning, stage entertainment, and overnight camping on Paradise beach. Much like a real tropical island, Tropical Islands Resort is open around the clock, every day of the year.


northeastern portion   بخش شمال شرقی

voluminous   حجیم

artificial   ساخته شده بدست انسان

exotic   عجیب و غریب

beach   ساحل

sunlight   نور خورشید

ambient   محیط

transparent   شفاف

brighten   روشن کردن

interior   داخلی

humidity   رطوبت

regardless of   صرفنظر از

dome   قلعه ی گنبدی شکل

host   میزبانی کردن

tanning   برنزه شدن

entertainment   سرگرمی

tropical island   جزیره ی استوایی



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