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با سلام و عرض ادب با عرض پوزش بابت تاخیر و عدم نظم در ارسال هفته نامه، بسیاری از خوانندگان وب سایت و هفته نامه گله داشتند از اینکه مطالب رو در ایمیل دریافت نمی کنند و یا اینکه بصورت غیر منظم ارسال میشه. بعد از پوزش مجدد از این به بعد هفته نامه بصورت همیشگی روزهای شنبه صبح ارسال خواهد شد به ایمیل مشترکین و همینطور یک نسخه در وب سایت به چاپ میرسه که هیچ کس مطالب رو از دست نده. امیدوارم که روز خوبی رو پیش رو داشته باشید. عطایی

اولین کلاس کلاورپد

۵۰ اشتباه رایج زبان انگلیسی

یکی از بهترین راه های آموزش زبان انگلیسی، دانستن اشتباهات رایجی می باشد که باعث سوء تفاهم و عدم ارتباط درست با طرف مقابل می شوند. کتب بسیاری در موضوع اشتباهات رایج زبان انگلیسی به چاپ رسیده اند که البته برخی از این کتب اشتباهات رایج یک انگلیسی زبان را (که در جامعه معمول هستند) به قلم می آورند.

این دوره بر اساس کتابی طراحی شده است که اشتباهات رایج زبان آموزان زبان انگلیسی را به تصویر می کشد و با استفاده از تصاویر گویا و جذاب پروسه یادگیری و به خاطر سپاری این اشتباهات و نحوه صحیح گفتن آنها را به زبان می آموزد.

بیشتر بدانید…



“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Oprah Winfrey

[ thankful = سپاسگذار / enough = بقدر کفایت ]


Life Tip

The most boring word in any language is “I”.

It’s wonderful to be self-confident and self-sufficient; however, it’s not all about you. There is nothing more monotonous than hearing someone talk about themselves and their accomplishments endlessly. Being self-centered is not the same as having self-confidence.

[self-confident = با اعتماد بنفس /self-sufficient = خود کفا /self-centered = خود خواه]




A lot of things have changed in my life since I got to know that my girlfriend got pregnant. My name, living address, phone number…

[ pregnant = حامله ]



The benefits of abdominal breathing

Abdominal breathing is also known as diaphragmatic breathing. The diaphragm is a large muscle located between the chest and the abdomen. When it contracts it is forced downward causing the abdomen to expand. This causes a negative pressure within the chest forcing air into the lungs. The negative pressure also pulls blood into the chest improving the venous return to the heart. This leads to improved stamina in both disease and athletic activity. Like blood, the flow of lymph, which is rich in immune cells, is also improved. By expanding the lung’s air pockets and improving the flow of blood and lymph, abdominal breathing also helps prevent infection of the lung and other tissues. But most of all it is an excellent tool to stimulate the relaxation response that results in less tension and an overall sense of well being.


abdominal breathing = تنفس شکمی

muscle = عضله

chest = قفسه سینه

abdomen = شکم

lung = ریه

blood = خون

venous = سیاهرگی

stamina = قدرت بدنی

lymph = لنف

tissue = بافت


Poorest Countries

Republic of Zimbabwe

Population: 11.6 million


Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in southern Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. It is one of the poorest nation in the world. Zimbabwe’s economy has suffered from war with the Democratic Republic of Congo and hyperinflation as a result of the overprinting of currency.

In 2009, the government abandoned printing Zimbabwean dollars at all. This implicitly solved the chronic problem of lack of confidence in the Zimbabwean dollar, and compelled people to use the foreign currency of their choice. As of 2014, Zimbabwe still uses a combination of foreign currencies, mostly US dollars.


population = جمعیت

landlocked = محصور در خشکی

river = رودخانه

nation = ملت

economy = اقتصاد

suffer from = رنج کشیدن از

hyperinflation = تورم شدید

overprinting = چاپ بیش از حد

currency = ارز

abandon = رها کردن

implicitly = به طور ضمنی

solve = حل کردن

compel = مجبور کردن

foreign currencies = ارزهای خارجی



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