I live in a big city which, like many other big cities, has a lot of problems. It is so crowded and everywhere is full of people. The heavy traffic is another problem, as well. It takes me more than two hours to get back home from work. In addition, beggars are one of the most annoying things I have to face every day. They are so dirty and keep asking for money. I suffer from a heart problem. So, air pollution threatens my health.  My doctor recommended that I move somewhere else to be far from these poisonous gases.
containing a lot of people, especially too many
شلوغ, پر جمعیت
Heavy traffic
a large amount of traffic
ترافیک سنگین
someone who lives by asking people for food and money
Air pollution
 the state of air being dangerously dirty
 آلودگی هوا
Poisonous gas
gas containing poison
گاز سمی


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