Have a Cold?

have a cold

Two weeks ago, I was invited to a theater. It was midnight when the play ended. The weather was so cold, and there was no bus available at that time. I had to go home on foot. I was freezing. When I got home, I drank a little warm milk and went directly to bed. The next morning, I felt miserable. Apparently, I had caught a cold. I had nose congestion, fever, and sore throat. I kept coughing and sneezing.

My roommate recommended that I visit a doctor. So, she took me to a doctor. The doctor only took my temperature, and then wrote a long prescription which was full of antibiotics! … I put the prescription aside, called my mother and asked for a remedy for cold. She advised me to drink a lot of liquids and take some kind of pill to help me to sleep. I did so, and after 3 days I got over the cold.


antibiotic   آنتی بیوتیک

remedy   درمان

liquids   مایعات

pill   قرص

get over   فایق آمدن

sneeze   عطسه کردن

nose congestion   گرفتکی بینی

visit a doctor   مراجعه کردن به پزشک

temprature   درجه حرارت

prescription   نسخه ی پزشک

catch a cold   سرما خوردن

miserable   بسیار بدحال

fever   تب

sore throat   گلو درد

cough   سرفه کردن


A) Match the words with the pictures:

pill / sneeze / fever

a)  Q24

b)  Q26

c)  Q25

B) Fill the blank with the correct word:

antibiotics / remedy / prescription

1. Do you know any …………… for my sore throat?

2. In some countries you need to show ………………. to be able to buy tranquilizer.

3. ………………. are used to cure infections.

پاسخ تمرین ها


a. pill

b. fever

c. sneeze


1. remedy

2. prescription

3. antibiotics


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