Jacob was very worried how to tell his father that he was fined three times in one day. Last Sunday, he had taken his father’s car without his permission to go out with some friends. He didn’t know the road signs because he hadn’t taken any driving lessons before. So, he had done some wrong things during his drive.

  Once, he drove backwards in a one-way street. Then, when he reached a junction, without paying attention to the traffic lights, he sped up and passed the red light. he didn’t slow down Near a pedestrian crossing, and was about to run over a pedestrian. Unfortunately, he was photographed by speed cameras each time.


Fine    جریمه کردن
Road signs    تابلوی راهنمایی و رانندگی
One-way street    خیابان یکطرفه
Junction    تقاطع
Traffic lights    چراغ راهنما


Speed up   سرعت را زیاد کردن
Pedestrian crossing   خط عابر پیاده
Slow down    سرعت را کم کردن
Speed camera    دوربین کنترل سرعت
Street    خیابان



لغات انگلیسی مرتبط با خیابان و رانندگی
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