What are the Quadriceps Muscles?


The quadriceps are a group of muscles on the front of your thighs. As you may guess from the name, there are four distinct muscles that make up the quadriceps muscles. These muscles are called the vastus intermedius, the vastus medialis, the vastus lateralis, and the rectus femoris.

If you sit in a chair and straighten your knee a few times, you can see and feel the quadriceps in action on the front part of your thigh. When your quads (as they are often called) contract, they straighten your leg at your knee joint. Since the quadriceps extend over the kneecap (patella), they also help to keep your kneecap in its proper position in a groove in the end of your thigh bone.

If you suffer an injury to your quadriceps, your doctor may refer you to physical therapy to help improve functional mobility and to improve the strength and flexibility of the quadriceps. Your physical therapist can offer suggestions for the correct exercises for you to perform to help your specific condition.

Basic knee mobility exercises focus on quadriceps strength and mobility, and stretching exercises for the quadriceps help improve flexibility of the muscle group.

The main types of exercises that you can perform to help improve the function of your quadriceps include:

Strength: Since the quadriceps muscles cross both the hip and the knee, exercises that involve the knee and the hip are essential to improving the strength of the quads. Simple knee strengthening exercises will target the quads, and advanced hip strengthening exercises will also include quite a bit of quadriceps work.

Flexibility: There are many easy stretches to do to improve the flexibility of your quadriceps muscles. Basic quadriceps stretching can be done, and the towel quadriceps stretch is a great way to improve the flexibility of this muscle group.

Balance: Balance exercises often focus on the quadriceps since these are essential in keeping you upright and balanced. Basic balance exercises can also help to prevent falls. An injury to your quadriceps can be a painful experience. A visit to your physical therapist may be the key to helping you improve the function of your quadriceps to get you back to normal functional mobility quickly and safely.

Source: physicaltherapy.about.com


quadriceps   عضلات چهار سر ران

muscle   عضله

front   جلو

thigh   ران

straighten   راست کردن

knee   زانو

contract   منقبض کردن

knee joint   مفصل زانو

kneecap   کشکک زانو

proper position   موقعیت مناسب

thigh bone   استخوان ران

suffer   رنج بردن

injury   آسیب

improve   بهبود بخشیدن

strength   قدرت

flexibility   انعطاف پذیری

perform   انجام دادن

mobility   تحرک

function   عملکرد

hip   مفصل ران

target   هدف قرار دادن

prevent   جلوگیری کردن

falls   افتادن

painful experience   تجربه دردناک



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