Polka Dot Plant

hypoestes 2

Botanical Name: Hypoestes phyllostachya

Dark green leaves splattered with pink make Polka Dot Plant an unusual and attractive house plant. Newer hybrids are available with red or white spotted leaves.

This bushy plant grows quickly with good light. Pinch back growing tips often to encourage branching and to keep the plant compact.

Insignificant purple flower spikes may appear. Pinch them off because they detract from the foliage and can cause the plant to deteriorate after blooming.

Shed some light. Leaves may revert to solid-green in low light. Put your plant where it’ll get plenty of light, but out of direct sun. Filtered light from a south- or west-facing window will give it the light it needs. If you move your plant outdoors for the summer, keep it fully shaded from hot sun, which can cause leaves to curl up and develop brown scorch marks.

Keep up the humidity. If relative humidity drops below 50%, use a humidity tray or room humidifier to increase the moisture in the air. Grouping plants also helps to maintain the humidity around them. A terrarium is an ideal home for this humidity-loving plant, where it will add eye-catching color among green foliage plants.

Water regularly. Keep the soil lightly moist, but take care not to overwater. Too-dry soil will cause leaves to wilt and drop off. Quickly revive a wilted plant with a thorough watering. Soggy soil will cause the leaves to turn yellow.

Pinch your plant. Pinch off tall stems to prevent the plant from getting too leggy. Also, pinch off growing tips to encourage stems to branch out for a fuller, bushier plant.

Ref: guide-to-houseplants.com


leaves   برگها

unusual   غیر معمول

attractive   جذاب

hybrid   دورگه

spotted   خال خالی

bushy plant   گیاه پرپشت

light   نور

branch   شاخه دادن

compact   متراکم

appear   ظاهر شدن

detract   کاستن

foliage   شاخ و برگ

deteriorate   رو به زوال گذاشتن

bloom   شکوفه کردن

revert   برگشتن

low light   نور کم

direct sun   آفتاب مستقیم

outdoors   در فضای آزاد

scorch  تاول زدن

humidity   رطوبت هوا

increase   افزایش دادن

moisture   رطوبت

terrarium   گلخانه

eye-catching color   رنگ چشم نواز

too-dry soil   خاک بیش از حد خشک

wilt   پژمردن

Soggy soil   خاک خیس

prevent   جلوگیری کردن

leggy   پایه دار



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