The Maldives, a group of about 1,200 islands, separated into a series of coral atolls, is just north of the Equator in the Indian Ocean. Only 200 of the islands are inhabited. Many of these tropical atolls and islands are simply gorgeous, with swaying palms, white sandy beaches and deep-blue lagoons; none of the islands rise higher than 7.8 ft. above sea level. These low lying specs of coral are subject to erosion, and stand at the mercy of any sea level rise. Some were severely damaged during the December, 2004 Tsunami.

  Over the last few decades the Maldives has transformed itself into a popular fishing, scuba diving, surfing and exotic resort and spa destination. The warm seas of Maldives have high visibility throughout the year, with water clear enough to see the passing fish as far as fifty meters away at times. Over a thousand species of fish and other underwater creatures inhabit the Maldivian waters. In the Maldives you will get to see everything. From tiny shrimp and groups of colorful swimmers to the magnificent mantas and sharks, a careful eye will give you enough to wonder you for a lifetime.The best thing is that you do not need be a professional diver to enjoy the Maldives.

  The looks of the Maldivian people may differ from one atoll to the other, attributing to the genes passed on by South and Southeast Asians, Africans, and Arabians. The mixing of cultures is very much seen in Maldivian arts. The music played with the local bodu-beru (big-drum) resemble that of African drumming. The dhoni (a unique Maldivian sailboat) is an art form itself built with skilled craftsmanship, with significant similarities to the Arabian dows. The fine artistry of Maldivians, seen in the intricate details on wooden beams in antique mosques, represents what we have gained from Southeast Asian architecture. Source:

island   جزیره

separate into   جدا کردن

atoll   جزیره ی مرجانی

inhabit   سکنی گرفتن

tropical   استوایی

rise   بالا آمدن

specs   مشخصات

erosion   فرسایش

scuba diving   غواصی

surfing   موج سواری

species   گونه

shrimp   میگو

shark   کوسه

diver   غواص

attribute   نسبت دادن

resemble   شباهت داشتن

intricate   پیچیده

represent   بیان کردن


Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

1) They …………….. the students into four groups. a) shrimp   b) species   c) separated   d) surfing

2) Several hundred ……………. of birds inhabit the island. a) represent   b) species   c) shark   d) rise

3) The movie has an ……………. plot. a) diver   b) atoll   c) island   d) intricate

4) Centuries of …………… by wind have carved grooves in the rocks. a) tropical   b) erosion   c) separate   d) diver

5) The pineapple is an …………… plant. a) specs   b) tropical   c) represent   d) scuba diving

پاسخ تمرین ها

1) c. separated

2) b. species

3) d. intricate

4) b. erosion

5) b. tropical


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