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Switzerland has a population of about 8.04 million. Foreigners account for around 23.3% of the resident population. The average age is increasing, as people live longer and have fewer children. Lifestyles are changing as the Swiss adapt to new demands.

People marry relatively late; they concentrate on their training and career before they start a family. Swiss women are among the oldest in Europe at the birth of their first child.The majority of couples have only 1 or 2 children. In 2004 the average number of children per woman was 1.42, less than the EU average of 1.5. The world average is 2.65.

The geography of Switzerland is notable for its great diversity. Switzerland’s three main geographical regions are the Jura, Plateau and the Alps. The geography of Switzerland means that the climate varies greatly from one region to another. Depending on the area and the time of year, Switzerland experiences conditions reminiscent both of Siberia and of the Mediterranean.

Switzerland’s economy is based on a highly qualified labour force performing highly skilled work. The main areas include microtechnology, hitech, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, as well as banking and insurance know-how. The service sector now employs the greatest number of people. Most of the people working in Switzerland are employed by small and medium-sized enterprises, which play an extremely important role in the Swiss economy.

The Swiss are concerned that economic activity should have as little impact as possible on the environment. Switzerland’s energy and transport policies aim to be environmentally friendly.

Source: swissworld.org


population   جمعیت

Foreigners   اتباع خارجی

average age   میانگین سنی

adapt   وفق دادن

demands   تقاضا

concentrate   تمرکز کردن

training   آموزش

career   شغل

notable   قابل توجه

diversity   تنوع

geographical regions   مناطق جغرافیایی

climate   آب و هوا

vary   تغییر کردن

area   ناحیه

reminiscent   یادآور

economy   اقتصاد

labour force   نیروی کار

employ   استخدام کردن

impact   تاثیر گذاشتن

environment   محیط زیست

environmentally friendly   دوستدار محیط زیست



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