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Malaysia is a beautiful and diverse country with many highlights. The many different regions, each with their own characteristic features, make this country the perfect destination for tourists. However, Malaysia does not entirely depend on tourism. This country’s economy has been going strong for years. On the contrary to what some people (still) believe, Malaysia is not a third world country. The country has developed itself enormously in the past 50 years and this is clearly noticeable when visiting it. Especially in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, you will see many modern buildings, a modern light rail transit system, many luxurious shopping malls and countless expensive cars on the roads. Life outside of the capital is often less developed; but even there the times of people only being able to afford a motorcycle are long gone


Malaysia is a tropical holiday destination, where temperatures fluctuate between 25 and 35 degrees during the year. It is usually very hot and humid, especially in the major cities. Often due to haze warm air is trapped inside the cities, which results in very warm temperatures. It is less hot on the many islands surrounding Malaysia, mainly due to the cool breezes. It is also less hot in the ‘highlands’ of Malaysia; here you can enjoy cooler temperatures that never exceed 25 degrees.


Eating out is very common in Malaysia. The biggest part of the population seldom cooks at home. The main reason is that eating out is generally cheaper than buying ingredients at the supermarket and cooking your own dishes. Another reason is that eating outside is part of the Malaysian (and other Asian) culture, there is no better place to get in touch with friends and relatives than during a delicious meal. Most dishes in Malaysia are either based on rice or noodles. Malay dishes often contains beef, chicken, mutton or fish; but never pork as Malay food needs to be halal. Chinese dishes often contains pork. Indian dishes are often vegetarian; and they never contain beef (though Indians do eat chicken, mutton and fish). Most dishes will be served with some vegetables; either mixed through the dish or served as a side dish.

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diverse   گوناگون

regions   مناطق

characteristic features   ویژگی های مشخص

destination   مقصد

depend on   وابسته بودن

economy   اقتصاد

On the contrary   بر خلاف

third world country   کشور جهان سوم

develop   توسعه دادن

noticeable   قابل توجه

capital   پایتخت

luxurious shopping malls   مراکز خرید لوکس

countless   بی شمار

tropical   استوایی

fluctuate   نوسان کردن

humid   مرطوب

haze   مه

trap   بدام انداختن

cool breezes   نسیم خنک

Eating out   بیرون غذا خوردن

seldom   بندرت

cheaper   ارزان تر

ingredients   مواد اولیه

cook   پختن

culture   فرهنگ

mutton   گوشت گوسفند

pork   گوشت خوک

vegetarian   گیاه خوار

beef   گوشت گاو

side dish   غذاهای کناری غذای اصلی



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