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Siyavash – Part 2


  In the meantime the news that a son had been born unto the Shah spread even unto the land of Rostam. And Rostam came forth out of Zaboulistan, and asked for the babe to rear. And Kay Kavus agreed, and Rostam bare the child unto his kingdom, and trained him in the arts of war and of the bravery.
  Now when Siyavash was become strong (so that he could ensnare a lion), he came before Rostam, and said:
  “I desire to go before the Shah, that my father may behold me, and see what manner of man you have made of me.”
  And Rostam deemed that he spoke well. So he made great preparations, and marched unto Iran with a mighty host, and Siyavash rode with him at their head. And the land rejoiced when it looked on the face of Siyavash, and there was great joy in the courts of the King. And Kay Kavus was glad when he beheld the boy, and gave rich rewards unto Rostam.
Ref: enel.ucalgary.ca


in the meantime    تا آن موقع
Spread    منتشر کردن
Rear    مراقبت کردن
Train    تمرین دادن
Bravery    شجاعت و دلیری
Ensnare    به دام انداختن
Desire    میل داشتن
Deem    پنداشتن
Host    سپاه
Reward   پاداش


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