Siyavash – Part 7


  Then it came about that the love of Kai Kaous for Sudaveh grew yet mightier, and he was as wax under her hands. And when she saw that her empire over him was strengthened, she filled his ear with plaints of Siyavash, and she darkened the mind of the Shah till that his spirit was troubled, and he knew not where he should turn for truth.
  Now while Kai Kaous thus dallied behind the curtains of his house, Afrasiyab made himself ready with three thousand chosen men to attack the land of Iran. And Kai Kaous, when he learned it, was sad, for he knew that he must exchange the banquet for the battle; and he was angered also with Afrasiyab, and he poured out words of reproof against him because he had broken his covenant and had once more attacked his land. Yet he made himself ready to lead forth his army. Then a Mubid prayed him that he would not go forth himself, and he recalled unto Kai Kaous how twice already he had endangered his kingdom. But Kai Kaous was wroth when he heard these words, and he bade the Mubid depart from his presence, and he sware that he alone could turn the army unto good issue.
But Siyavash, when he heard it, took heart of grace, for he thought within his spirit,
    “If the King grant unto me to lead forth his army, perchance I may win unto myself a name of valour, and be delivered from the wiles of Sudaveh.”


mightier     نیرومند
wax     موم
empire     حکومت
strengthen      قوی کردن
plaint     شکایت
darken      تیره کردن
mind      ذهن
spirit      روح
trouble      آشفتن
truth     حقیقت
dally      وقت گذراندن
attack     حمله کردن
land     سرزمین
banquet     ضیافت
battle      نبرد
reproof     سرزنش
covenant     عهدنامه
army     ارتش
recall     به یاد آوردن
endanger     به مخاطره انداختن
bid     امر کردن
swear      سوگند خوردن
valour     دلیری
wile     نیرنگ


داستان شاهنامه به انگلیسی(سیاوش – 7)
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