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Siyavash – Part 5


  Now when all was ready, Kay Kavus bade Siyavash ride into the midst of the burning mount, that he might prove his innocence. And Siyavash did as the King commanded, and he came before Kay Kavus, and saluted him, and made himself ready for the ordeal. And when he came nigh unto the burning wood, he commended his soul unto God, and prayed that he would make him pure before his father. And when he had done so, he gave rein unto his horse, and entered into the flame.
   And a great cry of sorrow arose from all men in the plains and in the city, for they held that no man could come forth alive from this furnace. And Sudaveh heard the cry, and came forth upon the roof of her house that she might behold the sight, and she prayed that ill might befall unto Siyavash, and she held her eyes fastened upon the pyre. But the nobles gazed on the face of Kay Kavus, and their mouths were filled with execration, and their lips trembled with wrath at this deed.
  And Siyavash rode on undaunted, and his white robes steed shone forth between the flames, and their anger was reflected upon his helmet of gold. And he rode until he was come unto the end of the pathway, and when he came forth there was not singed a hair of his head, neither had the smoke blackened his garments.
Ref: enel.ucalgary.ca


bid    فرمان دادن
midst    قسمت وسط
prove    اثبات کردن
innocence    بی گناهی
command    امر کردن
salute    ادای اخترام نظامی کردن
ordeal    تجربه ی دشوار
nigh    نزدیک
soul    روح
pure    پاک
flame    شعله
sorrow    غم و اندوه
alive    زنده
behold    مشاهده کردن
pyre    توده هیزم مخصوص اتش زدن جسد مرده
nobles    نجیب زادگان
execration    نفرت
wrath    خشم
undaunted    بی باک
steed    اسب قوی و سریع
singe    سوختن
garments    جامه , لباس



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