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Siyavash – Part 4

   Sudabeh had so far accomplished her longing that she had gotten Siyavash within the house. Then, she desired that he should speak with her alone. But Siyavash resisted her wish. And three times Sudaveh enticed him behind the curtains of the house. But all three times Siyavash was cold unto her yearning. Then Sudaveh was wroth, and she made complaint unto the Shah. She also spread evil reports of him throughout the land, and she inflamed the heart of Kai Kaous against his son.
  Now the Shah was angered a lot, and it availed nought unto Siyavash to defend himself, because Kay Kavus was filled with the love of Sudaveh, and he listened only unto her voice. And he remembered how she had borne his captivity in Hamaveran, and he knew not of her evil deceits. And when she said that Siyavash had done her great wrong, Kay Kavus was troubled in his spirit, because his heart went out also unto his son. And he could not decide between them. So  He ordered to bring forth wood from the forests. And they did so. And the Shah commanded that naphtha be poured upon the wood; and when it was done he bade that it be lighted. There were needed two hundred men to light the pyre, so great was its width and height. And the flames and smoke overspread the heavens, and men shouted for fear when they beheld the tongues of fire, and the heat thereof was felt in the far corners of the land.
Ref: enel.ucalgary.ca


Accomplish    به انجام رساندن
Desire    خواستن
Resist    مقاومت کردن
Entice    اغوا کردن
Wroth    خشمگین
Complaint    شکایت
Inflame    بر افروختن
Defend    دفاع کردن
Captivity    گرفتاری
Deceit    فریب
Decide    تصمیم گرفتن
Wood    هیزم
Command    فرمان دادن
Light    روشن کردن
Flame   شعله


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