Hula Hoop

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 You’ve likely tried the hoop-shaped toy, counting the rotations as you attempt your best score. But hula hoops aren’t just kid’s toys; they have been used for exercise, dance and meditation for people of all ages.The hula hoop is an ancient invention – no modern company and no single inventor can claim that they invented the first hula hoop. The Greeks used hooping as a form of exercise.
 Older hoops have been made from metal, bamboo, wood, grasses, and even vines. However, modern companies “re-invented” their own versions of the hula hoop using unusual materials, for example; plastic hula hoops with added bits of glitter and noise makers, and hoops that are collapsible.

Origins of the Name

  Around 1300, hooping came to Great Britain, homemade versions of the toy became very popular. In the early 1800s, British sailors first witnessed hula dancing in the Hawaiian Islands. Hula dancing and hooping look somewhat similar and the name “hula hoop” came together.
Japan once banned the hula hoop because the rotating hip action seems indecent.
On June 4, 2005, Australian Kareena Oates set a Guinness world record for hula hooping – with 100 hoops for three full revolutions.
101 hoops were spun by Alesya Goulevich of Belarus on June 11, 2006
105 hoops were spun by Jin Linlin of China on October 28, 2007.
The world record for the largest Hula Hoop (by circumference) spun was set by American Ashrita Furman at 51.5 feet on June 1, 2007.


hoop-shaped    حلقه شکل
rotation    چرخش
attempt    کوشش کردن
toy    اسباب بازی
ancient    باستانی
invention    اختراع
claim    ادعا کردن
invent    اختراع کردن
metal    فلز
wood    چوب
vine    درخت مو
glitter    درخشش
collapsible    تاشو
popular    محبوب
witness    مشاهده کردن
Hawaiian Islands    جزایر هوایی
similar    مشابه
Trivia    حقایق جزیی درباره ی تاریخ یا ورزش و یا افراد مشهور
ban    ممنوع کردن
indecent    ناپسند
spin    چرخاندن


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