Peel the onion and throw away the skin. Chop them into small pieces and fry it until it is soft. Then add the meat to the fried onion and fry it, too. Season the mixture with salt and pepper. Boil the pasta. After 10 minutes, drain the pasta until there is no water left. Then place the pasta into a large bowl. Add the prepared mixture to the pasta and mix it well. Add some pizza cheese and put it in the oven to bake for five minutes.
to remove the skin from fruit or vegetables
پوست کندن
to cut something into smaller pieces
خرد کردن
to put something with something else or with a group of other things
اضافه  کردن
to cook something in hot fat or oil, or to be cooked in hot fat or oil
سرخ کردن
to cook something in boiling water
to remove all the water
آب کش کردن
to put something somewhere
در محلی گذاردن
if you mix two or more substances or if they mix, they combine to become a single substance, and they cannot be easily separated
مخلوط کردن
to cook in the oven
پختن در فر


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